In this post, we are offering advice for tenants who want to spruce up their outdoor space. These tips will help you make your outdoor space feel more personal without you needing to spend too much money in the process.

Potted Plants

Whether you have a green space or not, you can quickly and easily add color and aromas to your outdoor space with potted plants. Read up on which plants are best for your space and only buy those which are suited to the environment and the season.


Adding the right furnishings that suit the size of your space can make a real difference. It is often cheaper to purchase second-hand garden furniture and upcycle by adding a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant color of your choosing. Modular furniture is considered to be the best for smaller outside spaces as it is easy to store away and doesn’t take up a lot of space.


Something that can completely transform a space at night is lighting. There are many options available that are cost-effective and for those looking to save further on electricity, opt for solar lighting that you can hang up such as string lights or lanterns. They add a calming feel and almost festival-style of décor to your outside space.

Pruning and Clearing

It is easy to let your greenery take over the garden. However, if it gets out of control, not only does it take up space, it also adds to the feeling of clutter. A simple pair of clippers can rectify this and help you reclaim some space in your garden. It also gives you more room to add pots and color to your outside area.

Add Color

Adding a splash of color can transform your space and help you brighten up and refresh your outdoor space. For smaller spaces use a brighter color to create the illusion of having more space. If you have the luxury of space, opt for a darker color to help draw the attention to the greenery and give your space a more serene feel.

Not all outdoor spaces are the picture-perfect spots we would want for our homes. However, these quick and easy tips will help you to put right an ugly exterior and transform it into a space you will want to spend time in this summer.