Just because you don’t live in a large mansion right now doesn’t mean you can’t host a holiday party in style for a few of your closest friends. With these tips, you can welcome a crowd into your comfortable dwelling and throw a fiesta that’s one for the record books.

Sit down, create your guest list, make a game plan, and get ready to celebrate!

Plan A Simple Menu and Drinks

The holidays are generally synonymous with gluttony, but it will be easier for you if you keep the menu simple. Protein-rich finger foods can be very filling and can be enjoyed standing around the counter or squeezed onto the sofa. Think meatballs in a light sauce that you can serve from the crockpot and grab with a toothpick or small and tasty sliders that can be picked up with one hand. Scatter different platters of veggies and dip and cheese and crackers around your dwelling to avoid congestion in one spot.

Plan a menu with items that you can make up ahead of time. That way you aren’t stuck in the kitchen making a mess and have to clean it up while your guests are there. It’s your party; play the host or hostess and enjoy the company of your guests.

Also, think about paring down your beverage list and consider only serving wine, beer, and maybe specialty drinks you can make ahead of time and serve from a lovely pitcher. This way, you won’t have to clear out too much space for a bar area.

Keep it Clean

Modest spaces tend to feel tinier when dust and clutter pile up. Stash personal items in your bathroom that you typically leave out, and move additional pieces like magazine racks and knick-knacks into your bedroom for safekeeping. Also, remove appliances and other kitchen utensils from your kitchen counter; you’ll need all the precious counter space available for serving food and drinks.

Scatter Around

It never fails; everyone always ends up in the kitchen. If you don’t have a dining area, or it’s a bit too cozy with more than a handful of people in it, as mentioned above, spread out food platters in different spots to encourage people to spread out.

Don’t worry about a fancy sit-down dinner, set up a buffet. Borrow folding chairs and a table if you need more seating, someone you know will surely be happy to lend them to you. Also, repurpose ottomans and bring out your desk or vanity chairs.

Simple Decorations

Don’t take up precious space and add additional clutter with too many overbearing decorations. A variety of festive candles can do double duty; they’ll serve as décor and as complimentary low lighting. Just be careful the candles can’t be easily knocked over and make sure they are all blown out when the party is over. Also, scatter small, unique items around tables and shelves that you feel add a certain appeal and could also serve as whimsical conversation starters.

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