There’s nothing quite like walking into a home and enjoying the ambiance. You can learn a lot about a person just by simply looking at their home. Some of the loveliest homes are a direct reflection of their owners. From the accent colors to the furniture style, home décor really makes a house unique to its owner. Whether you’re a person who prefers classics or likes to follow trends, it’s always nice to infuse a little bit of both into your living space. If you are looking for something new, consider these decorating trends:

A Classic: Black and White

There’s something extremely classic about these colors. However, when they’re used in the context of home décor, they tend to be pretty trendy. Even celebrities like the Kardashians enjoyed living in a black and white home. The main point to remember when you’re dealing with these colors is to use shapes and color blocking to your advantage. This technique will bring more depth to an otherwise bland color scheme.

Brass Accents

Brass walks the fine line between majestic and gaudy. It’s beautiful to behold in a castle yet can come across as a gold imposter that lines the shelves of thrift stores across America. It all depends on how you use it within a space. The use of brass can easily take a room from drab to unique. Brass lamps, coffee tables, and vases can make stunning statements. If you don’t want to use the material, consider using the color. Brass-colored accents instantly make a room look sophisticated.

Rich Colors and Fabrics

Whether it is throw pillows in the bedroom or accessories in the kitchen, deep purples and lavenders are the color choice this upcoming season. Velvet fabrics help to add to this luxurious look. Also woven textures, such as baskets and frames, will give your home a touch of flair.

Gallery Areas

Here is a new spin on a classic – a gallery area. Establish an area in your home to display family photos, artwork, and special mementos. Instead of using a wall as a gallery, choose a bookshelf or credenza. Make sure everything on display complements one another in terms of color and scale. Added bonus: as the seasons change, you can switch out items on display.

Bring the Outdoors In

Nothing can refresh a living space like a bit of greenery. This year, replace your succulents (a popular trend in 2017) with hydrangea, winter bloomers (such as Jasminum) and pet-friendly varieties (such as Phalaenopsis Orchids). 

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