Do you currently live in a space that just feels too small? In many cases, people assume they need to move to a bigger home to experience more space. While this is an option for some, it’s not necessarily the best choice. In many cases, it may take some strategic planning and creativity to create a space that feels spacious even though it’s smaller in size. If you currently live in a small space and are struggling to figure out how to make it work, you might want to try one of these simple solutions below.

  1. Take advantage of sleek, space-saving furniture.

When it comes to the power of space saving, you’ve got to include design. Instead of getting a big, heavy wooden table with thick legs and sharp edges, consider purchasing a sleek table with skinny legs. Not only will it create more space on the surface, it’ll also give a distinct visual appeal and look lighter in the room. Choose furniture risers so that, if need be, you can store items underneath the bed or couches.

       2. Declutter.

It’s best to get to a point where you don’t need a lot of things to survive. You don’t necessarily have to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, but find a happy medium. Things have their place, but it’s a good idea to inch your way out of constant consumerism. Take an honest look at the things you have and decide what can go. Once you get into the habit of purging on a consistent basis, it’ll be much easier to maintain a space that looks and feels clear and streamlined. Don’t hold on to clutter such as papers, junk mail and magazines. If you’re not using it, get rid of it as soon as possible.

  1. Use multi-purpose items.

Multi-purpose items are important because they simultaneously eliminate the need for even more items. Purchase a couch that can also fold out into a bed when you have guests. Consider purchasing a dining room table that you can fold up and tuck away. A bench that can also serve as a storage unit for your shoes by the front door is a great idea. Even though an ottoman can be viewed as a clunky, unnecessary item, many people enjoy kicking their feet up to use it and relax. To capitalize on it, pick an ottoman that can also open up and store your child’s toys, TV remote controls and other items. Multi-purpose items that also hide other items work to conceal yet create more space.