Whether you are a new or experience landlord, you will understand the difficulties of dealing with a difficult tenant. Troublesome tenants can cause problems with neighbors, not pay their utilities, withhold rent, and cause damage to a property. Any of these issues – individually or in combination – can cause landlords undo stress. In fact, many people would consider this to be the most difficult element of being a landlord.

One of the overriding challenges that landlords face when they realize they have a bad tenant is going through the steps of legally evicting the tenant. There is a specific process that must be adhered to. Steps to be taken may include:

  • The lease will need to be terminated with the correct notice as per your contractual obligations.
  • When the tenant does not vacate as instructed, you will need to file an action with your local eviction court.
  • Attend a court hearing.
  • Set up the appropriate appointments with law enforcement.
  • Attend the property on the day of the eviction.
  • Get all the locks to the house changed and retake possession.
  • Clear out and clean up.

All the above steps take time and are expensive. If you are evicting a tenant who isn’t paying their rent, this can have serious consequences with regards to the rental yield from your property.

One of the reasons our clients choose to work with us at Noahs’ Preferred Properties is the stringent tenant vetting that we perform. We act like your “rental police,” where we serve and protect you and your income-making capability through tenant screening. We feel is vitally important to thoroughly screen all of tenants to avoid a situation in which a landlord has to evict a renter. Tenant screening is a process property managers and landlords use to evaluate prospective tenants. The purpose of screening is to assist in determining if the tenant will fulfil the lease or rental agreement terms and will take good care of your property. 

To learn more about our 11 Step Application Screening Program, please contact us.