There has been a lot of publicity recently about how public art has the ability to help revive communities and promote unity. In Montgomery County, we have embraced this opportunity and, in this article, share the accomplishments and milestones we are already achieving through our public art.

What Is It About Art That Brings People Together?

Art needs no explanation.

Art is what it is.

Art is unique, it is personal, and it is something that can be appreciated by anyone.

Art encourages conversation.

Art is open.

Whether you create, admire or critique – art is a focal point and something that provides collective enjoyment and shared admiration by all who encounter it.

Public Art in Silver Spring

The Silver Springs Arts and Entertainment District is home to more than fifty different pieces for you to view. Enjoy a public art walk, which is already mapped out for you to follow and it provides the base for a superb day out of admiration and exploration. You cannot fail to be impressed by some of the pieces on offer. Here are several of the highlights:

  1. Visit the Bio Wall at Spring Street. There is a courtyard on Cameron where you can catch a DNA inspired light show and a movie that shows on the UT bridge.

  2. Next on your list should be the Discovery Communications building. Here you can see a 170-foot-tall mural that depicts the history of our planet. It is a truly monumental site.

  3. Acorn Park is another great place to visit. Not only is a lovely place to take out in the tranquil and serene setting, but it is also home to everything that remains in the estate of Francis Preston Blair. In the early 1800s, the discovery a spring located nearby lead to the name of Silver Spring.

  4. Finally, Coastline is in place at the NOAA courtyard. Known to locals as the wave pool, this is a great place to take a picnic while learning a little about the mission of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admission and all that they do.

The Metro Arts Walk Project

This is a partnership between Montgomery County Public Schools, Strathmore, and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. For those of you who access the metro at the Grosvenor-Strathmore station, you may have noticed the collection of 39 totems on the walkway between the metro station and Strathmore Music Center.

Each of the totems is composed of sculptural clay elements and was created by art students from 16 Montgomery County high schools. Click here to learn more about the Metro Arts Walk Project.