The tech-savvy generations that currently make up a majority of today’s rental market, expect immediate responses to their questions and issues; therefore, it is not surprising that poor communication is one of the top reasons tenants give for not renewing a lease. At Noahs’, we make it a priority to provide our tenants a seamless communication experience. In order to accomplish this, we leverage technology.

There are many technologies available that are essential to keeping tenants around long term. Most of our tenants live on-the-go, so any tools we can offer to make their lives easier to manage they will appreciate. Offering access to applications and software that can be accessed via the cloud allow tenants to sign leases electronically, report maintenance issues and pay their rent – saving them valuable time they can spend on other important tasks.

Here are some of the technology and communication essentials we implement to keep our tenants happy and new renters knocking on our door:

1. 24/7 Response

Immediate response is expected these days with younger generations and with a plethora of tools available there is no reason why they should not be available to tenants. We have our own in-house maintenance department offering 24/7 emergency response with the ability to report issues online.

 2. Mobile-Ready Website

Having a website with a “mobile-first” design is essential in today’s rental market, considering most prospective renters rely on their phones and tablets when searching for properties. Noahs’ mobile and desktop sites provide:

  • Detail-rich, optimized content and descriptions that make it easy for prospective tenants to find the property that best suits them.
  • The option to request information about a property, request a tour, share properties via social media, and to fill out an application for a property online.
  • Digital Communications

Social media, texting, and email all are vital to not only communicating with tenants more effectively, but also marketing new rental properties to prospective tenants. Noahs’ continuously reaches out to our followers on social media with information on new available properties and anything related to or affecting Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Texting and email are our tenants’ preferred way of communication, but we always make sure to reach out in person – the “the old-fashioned” way!

3. Networking

We value our relationship with realtors who have consistently referred potential renters to us over the years. Networking regularly in-person and through our e-newsletter keeps this valuable referral source going strong.

Do you need more information on how Noahs’ can professionally and successfully market your rental listing? Call our team today!