Finally, we are starting to see the weather warming up and can hopefully look forward to putting those winter-woes behind us. In this post, we are sharing some ideas and tips to help you get your home ready for the summer season ahead.

The AC Unit

Spring is the perfect time to check the air conditioning in your home. If you leave it too late and don’t realize there’s an issue until you need your HVAC system, you might find most of your local companies booked up and unable to respond quickly to your request. Change the filter, test the unit, and if you haven’t had a tune-up or service carried out in the past year, it could be a good idea to get this taken care of before summer arrives.

Bug Barriers

When the sun comes out, so do the bugs. Be prepared! Make sure everything is sealed correctly around doors and windows throughout your home. Buy a pesticide and use it on your outdoor perimeter before summer arrives.

Water Damage Prevention

The summer months aren’t always about sunshine; sometimes an ugly storm will rear its head. Get prepared by checking your foundations for any leaks or cracks. Water should always be diverted or directed away from your home. Testing your gutters is also a good idea.

Prepare Your Tools for Summer

Be ready to tackle the garden and make sure you have a working lawnmower and edger on hand. Move all winter equipment to the back of the shed. Clean any equipment and change the gas if you haven’t already done so. Oil any moving parts to ensure your equipment is in top conditions and make sure your trimmer string is in good working order.

Work your Windows

Remove any storm windows and get cleaning! Inspect the windows closely and check for water damage that might have been caused by the winter snow. Keep an eye out for any early signs of dry rot.

Spruce Up Your Outside Space

Last but by no means least in this list is tacking your outside space. It has the potential to become your haven throughout the summer months, but you need to get it ready. Clean your patios with a simple solution of warm and soapy water – this will tackle most stains and dirt that may have built up over the winter months. Add a little outdoor lighting into the equation, put out some planters, and you are good to go and ready for the summer!

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