Remember the days when driving through neighborhoods in search of the perfect home was commonplace? Curb appeal used to be enough to draw in potential buyers, but times have changed.

Today, 80 percent of home buyers begin their search for a home online and the competition is fierce. Clicking through the vast amount of homes for rent can be overwhelming and for this reason most people filter out properties without photos. Potential renters want to able to envision themselves and their own belongings in a home; therefore, it is important to stage all spaced with this in mind before you take any photos.

Below are some helpful tips to help stage a home in preparation for a photo shoot.

Get Rid of the Clutter!

  • Spend time cleaning out the clutter. Most homes need to be cleaned and staged anyway, so it’s best to wait until this is completed before you start taking photos.
  • Consider removing a third of the furniture and knick-knacks from the home – most professional home stagers recommend this step.
  • Hide all cables and cords from computers, TVs and other electrical devices.
  • Show off an updated kitchen by removing items from above the cabinets and any items that cover striking granite countertops.  

Remove Personal Affects

  • Think about the story you want to tell with the space and stage it accordingly while keeping colors and furnishings neutral. This will allow buyers to imagine the house with their own belongings.
  • Remove all refrigerator magnets, hide all pet related items, items with political affiliations, and family photos.

Close the Toilet Lids!

  • You may think this is obvious, but surprisingly it is overlooked often, and it’s the last thing someone wants to see in a bathroom photo!

Accessorize Carefully, not Excessively

  • Put fresh flowers out.
  • Make the beds and use neutral colors for bedspreads and pillows.
  • Take down any window treatments that contain busy colors and designs.
  • Add artwork that will complement the space.
  • Bring the garbage cans inside and place in the garage or somewhere else out of site temporarily.

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